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Dynamics CRM Services

How We Can Help

No matter if you are looking to implement Dynamics CRM for the first time or if you wish to extended or upgrade your existing CRM System implementation we can help. We offer a variety of services to both existing CRM System users and those who are considering implementing the system for the first time.

CRM Design And Customisation

Once the requirements and analysis has been approved within both budget and timescales, we will then begin building the CRM database.

Throughout the journey our CRM Consultants will keep you updated with regular management meetings and make relevant amendments as they arise.

Testing and Implementation

Once the system build has been completed, a test environment will then be established. At this stage, we will identify:

  • Outlook client integration
  • CRM Server installation
  • Systems Administrator training
  • Specific role based training
  • Floor walking when systems go live for troubleshooting


We have a great team that can help you throughout the entire process of designing and implementing your Dynamics CRM system. We start with one of our Microsoft certified business analyst having a friendly and relaxed chat about what you are looking for. They will guide you through the requirement phase of the project ensuring that all your needs, issues and wishes are listened to.

Cleartwo are here to make the entire process from start to finish as simple and straight forward as possible. We don’t want to baffle you with technical jargon and useless information. We want to provide you with the best experience possible, which will lead to the best system possible.

Customisation and Extending

Cleartwo work with many clients that have an existing Dynamics CRM deployment and just wish to make changes or extend the functionality of their current system. We can help you evaluate the changes and future work and give you guidance on the best way to get the most from your Dynamics CRM system. Even if you wish to make the changes internally using your own resources we can offer our services in designing and documenting the proposed work and then handover to you to implement.

Cleartwo have experience of working in sectors from Education to Finance. We can use this experience to help you avoid pitfalls and guide your organisation to the best possible solution.


As Dynamics CRM has grown in popularity more and more organisations have required it to integrate with their other system. We have integrated Dynamics CRM with many other systems including NAV, Sage, GP, SharePoint, Resource Link and many more. There are times when simple connectors are available and there are times when we have had to create our integration tools.

Cleartwo specialise in integrating your website with Dynamics CRM. We have created simple and complex website integration. No mater if you simply want link your websites contact form to Dynamics CRM so it simply creates a lead record or if you want to create a customer portal that lets customers access their information online.


Gaining invaluable experience over the years has taught us that the deployment of any CRM upgrade varies from business to business and we have devised a strategic methodology for our upgrade work. Our CRM Consultants are certified Microsoft professionals so your guaranteed the best practises from Microsoft are carried out.

Though the idea of upgrading their personalised version of Dynamics CRM can deter businesses, failure to do so can lead to incompatibility issues with new technologies, loss of support and being left behind against other competitors.

However, upgrades within Dynamics CRM have seen enhanced functionality within the user interface, business process flows and social media engagement.

The rise in use of mobile phones as a primary conduit for information has seen a meteoric rise which the Google search engine that will not yield results for websites that are not mobile friendly has observed. Most CRM System users that are heavily invested want to keep it current with the innovations available.

The smooth transition of our upgrade service include:

  • Review of the existing version of Dynamics CRM and check upgrade suitability to utilise the new features
  • Virtual test environment to gauge the success of the upgrade before full upgrade roll-out
  • Address potential issues as well as opportunities
  • Additional training for users, super users and administrators

Current businesses that have upgraded have also benefitted from:

  • Continuity of CRM availability without disruption
  • Identifying issues early
  • Business redesign of processes to gain full use of upgraded features
  • Future-proofing for innovative technologies
  • Trained staff gain a wider skill set of CRM Dynamics
  • Each upgrade is different as the business needs are different. We will tailor our approach to deploy every successful upgrade.

We understand that you may have many concerns when it comes to upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to the latest offering. We have worked on a variety of upgrade projects, each with their own unique infrastructure. Cleartwo's infrastructure team are certified in a variety of Microsoft technologies and are constantly training to ensure they are at the forefront of the latest technology. We want to ensure that we can offer our customers the best possible advice and guidance no matter if they are using the latest software and hardware or even if they are using something much older.


As a rule, it is crucial to remember that Microsoft CRM implantation can only be considered a success if it meets the requirements of its users.

For a company that uses Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems as the core function of their business, the ongoing integrity of your system will always remain paramount. Lack of support can lead to other issues where both time and money can be compromised as a result.

Whether it is a break-fix, additional training or a change request, our support package is tailored to allow you to our services in the way that suits you best.

Using a points based system we can easily categorize the nature of the type of support you will need.

The benefits of the support we offer include:

  • 4 hour SLA (Service Level Agreement) response times to resolve cases
  • Support for all versions
  • Access to specialist CRM specialists, CRM Consultants when needed
  • Early Identification and resolution of issues
  • Confidence in the CRM system
  • Multi-platform support
  • Notification of updates and fixes

Rather than paying for a whole package, you only pay for the services that you use saving you money in the long run. Whether onsite or through remote access, we will be there to support you.

We have a UK based team that specialise in supporting not only projects we have implemented but also for customers who wish to change from their existing vendors. We have experience in a variety of Dynamics CRM Business solutions in both the private and public sector. Our friendly team will be on call to suit your businesses needs and we work with you to provide the support you need.

Our first line team ensure your get the fastest possible resolution to your issues and queries. We have a great team that not only works well with our customers but also with each other. Our team has countless years experience not only in Dynamics CRM but also hardware support.


Like any tool Dynamics CRM is only as good as the user. We have found that most CRM System users are not aware of some of the most basic and useful features of the system. This leads to unhappy users that blame the system as they think it is restricted and cannot meet their needs.

We believe that in order to for you to get the most out of CRM Business System efficiently is to spend some quality time with our experienced consultants.

Understanding the needs of each client, we will provide you with a firm foundation in how to be more effective using Dynamics CRM multi-functional and cross-departmental tools.

Understanding the clients business, we will identify all the business processes and observe the customer journey to give you a truly immersive and tailored training experience.

Our Dynamic CRM training includes delivered by Qualified CRM Consultants:

  • Basic CRM Concepts and Functionality
  • Record Management
  • CRM Personalisation
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Workflow and Customisation
  • Marketing and Campaign Management
  • Data Import
  • Sales Force Automation and Process Management
  • Customer Service Tracking
  • Creation Of Automated Processes and Guided Dialogues
  • End User Training
  • Super User and Administrator Training

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