I.T. Support for Schools

We support specialise in primary schools IT Support in the UK for over 15 years

I.T. Support for Schools

Having helped both Primary and Secondary schools for several years, we fully understand the importance of IT within any school. Our flexible IT service packages offer support and advice to assist your school ensuring you IT systems are more manageable and productive whilst taking away the daily stresses and strains of any technical issues.

We have a strong approachable team, which sets us apart from our competition. We focus on the end-user with our comprehensive and jargon-free approach. Our aim is to make IT as trouble-free as possible and helping staff and pupils fulfil their potential. We continue to assist teachers, teaching assistants, support staff and pupils by helping them to get the most from technology in the school.

Our friendly team includes certified Microsoft and Apple support staff. Our field service engineers and remote service desk technician’s work closely together with you to deliver a fully comprehensive IT support service. Here at Cleartwo we relieve you from the technical issues in your school, allowing you to concentrate your time and energy into the teaching.


We have built up a large collection of services, which will enhance your school.

Primary ICT Support

Having helped both Primary and Secondary schools for several decades, we understand the importance of a team that can help a school grow, in an ever changing IT Industry, schools require partners that are at the forefront.

School ICT Infrastructure

Whether you would like to add to the amount of devices in the classroom or would like some fresh ideas on how your curriculum network could be made more efficient and flexible in your classrooms, we are here to help you with the jargon.

School System Auditing

A detailed audit report for your school, so you can plan the budget for your ICT requirements and needs for the future, A planned appoarch eradicates the unforseen issues that can emerge, in an ever growing school.


School ICT Consultancy

This draws upon the experience of IT consultants who can offer to schools a balance of technical knowledge and curriculum understanding during the project design, with years of experience in the industry.

Interactive Tablets and Devices

Understanding the new interactive era, is key in schools, especially as technology gets better and cheaper and the competition between manufacturers even more fierce, tablets are going to start popping up everywhere.

Teacher ICT Training

We ensure that the we deliver the right training for your technology needs. We offer a wide range of training packages that help your staff make the most of the technology available to them.

Our flexible IT service packages offer support and advice to make your school more manageable and productive whilst alleviating the daily stresses and strains of any technical burdens.

Our Cleartwo network is a secure, reliable and easy-to-use system, designed specifically for primary schools. It allows pupils and teachers to save work into their own, individual user areas - or share resources with ease.

Entirely customer-focused, our comprehensive and jargon-free approach aims to make IT as trouble-free as possible, helping staff and pupils fulfill their potential.

Why Cleartwo

  • Offering great value computer and network support guaranteed lower IT Support
  • Solutions built around the specific needs of your school
  • Qualified technicians (including multilingual technicians)
  • Our service is designed for schools that require IT support

We can help with decisions relating to the further developments of your IT systems and networks. Our aim is to ensure your school does not fall behind with OFSTED compliance. Cleartwo keep regular contact with OFSTED inspectors to ensure we are up to date with compliance.

We provide a single point of contact to offer schools a prompt response to their problems or queries. We are not the type of company that passes the buck rather than tackle the problem. Remote support enables us to offer you service the instant you raise a request from us. We can do this without even needing to visit your school.

If you are looking to increase your IT capacity at your school, we can provide a complete quotation - from a single PC to a whole network - based on your needs and our recommendations.

We offer excellent value for money solutions, getting you the best prices and highest quality from manufacturers such as Dell, Apple and HP.

Technician Support Service

This extra service will enable your teaching staff to concentrate on teaching and learning in the classroom, while we take care of the day-to-day issues that might compromise the efficient use of your admin and curriculum IT systems.

The service enables schools to have regular scheduled visits ranging from a half a day a month up to a day a week. The level of service required will be determined by the size and complexity of your system, level of existing available expertise in school and budget.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the same technician undertakes these regular visits but this cannot be guaranteed in all instances. The benefit of this is that the Cleartwo Technician will get to know your system and set-up, to ensure that the solutions are not just technically viable but are suited to your mode of working.

This service will also allow a more consistent approach to such matters as Health & Safety, Asset Management and Time Recording.


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